Your fingerprint is now your only password

Byteseal's biometric ID is a compact, card shaped device with built in fingerprint sensor which allows you to securely login to your favourite websites and apps with just a tap of fingerprint.

@ INR 4500/- Only
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of the hacking incidents occur due to weak and reused passwords


Get free from the risk of your accounts getting hacked

The Biometric ID allows you to set up tough and unique passwords to each of your online accounts so that you can steer clear of the threat of your accounts getting hacked

What customers say about us?

"Best Security Product Ever"

The concept where we can use biometrics for logging in is the best one and I am now using Byteseal for each and every website where I have to use my passwords. Now I feel like each and every website passwords are in my pocket. It's an awesome product where with a single authentication I can open my passwords. Over all its best security product ever

Bapjee Pasupelati

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You are just 3 steps away from a convenient and secure internet experience


Download and install Byteseal browser extension for free


Create your profile, add passwords and enroll your fingerprints on your biometric ID


Login securely to your online accounts with just a tap of your fingerprint


Wait! Why are we insisting you on carrying a separate device when your phone already has biometrics?

Your phone is connected to internet for most of the times. Thus, there is always a possibility of your phone getting infected by malware that steals your personal information. 

Also, the biometric authentication on your phone can be easily bypassed by making use of less secure alternative authentication types such as pattern or PIN

With Byteseal, we have overcame that limitation by creating a completely non-network connected device that needs 2- factor authentication for bypassing the biometric security.

Engineered for safety and reliability

World's most secure fingerprint sensor
AI based adaptive template learning and anti spoof technology
250mAh rechargeable battery
Lasts upto 30 days
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
For fast and secure wireless connectivity
Micro USB interface for charging

Easy to carry, a lot less to worry

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The Biometric ID can be easily carried inside most wallets or in your pocket. This makes it easy for you to have access to all your passwords anywhere you go.


While there are a lot of memories to remember, why waste memory to remember passwords?

Byteseal makes your life hassle-free by saving you the trouble of remembering passwords and typing them manually every time you want to login.

You can now remember birthdays, anniversaries and memories of those evening road trips easily by clearing up the headspace congested with passwords.

Uncompromised security and privacy to your data

End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption

Fingerprint enabled multi-factor authentication

Phishing link protection

Byteseal provides state of the art military grade security to your data so that only you are in control of it

Get your Byteseal Biometric ID today

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