Your fingerprint is now your only password

Introducing Biometric ID by Byteseal

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Byteseal is a compact and lightweight fingerprint enabled device with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. By using Byteseal, you can easily and securely login to different online accounts such as internet banking, email, social media, etc. with just a tap of fingerprint

How it works?


Create profile and add credentials to your Byteseal vault


Link your biometric ID to your vault and register fingerprints


Login to all your online accounts with just a tap of your fingerprint


Carry it as if you are not carrying it

The biometric ID also fits inside most wallets so that you do not have to worry about carrying additional accessory with you whenever you go out. 

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from cyber attacks

Byteseal's biometric ID protects you from falling prey to various cyber attacks like phishing, credential stuffing and keylogging while providing ultimate privacy protection to your confidential data

End to end encryption for unparalleled privacy to your data

Phishing link detection 

Password strength monitor

What our customers say about us? 

"Best Security Product Ever"

The concept where we can use biometrics for logging in is the best one and I am now using Byteseal for each and every website where I have to use my passwords. Now I feel like each and every website passwords are in my pocket. It's an awesome product where with a single authentication I can open my passwords. Over all its best security product ever

Babjee Pasupuleti

"Totally worth it"

I always wanted a device like this...Its lightweight... Easy to use.. the fingerprint scan is fast.. bluetooth connectivity is good... I am able to store and access my account credentials easily 

Abhay S

"Great Innovation"

Amazing device.!!! easy to carry and very light weight. Biometrics is good.. easy to store multiple account passwords. Very innovative product.

Sagar Deshmukh

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