We bet you have not seen any payment option like this ever before!!!

What if you were told that there is no obligation for your to complete your EMIs if you do not want to use the product anymore? what if you could simply stop paying EMIs by returning the product if you do not find it useful? Well, we are promising that to you. 

With our hybrid-subscription model, you can enjoy the benefits of EMI without the obligation of paying full amount. Get the Byteseal's device by paying INR 249 as down payment and INR 199 as first month EMI. Post that you will be charged INR 199 as monthly EMI until the total amount of your purchase is paid. However, anytime while using the device, if you feel that it is not being useful to you, we are happy to take it back from you and stop your EMIs. A processing fee of INR 99 will be charged while cancelling the EMI. 

This way you can get the product without having to pay the total amount upfront and also stop paying if you do not find the product useful. To avail the facility, please start the subscription below. If you have any queries, connect with our customer care executive who will assist you further

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