Why Is Creating Strong Passwords A Need Of Today’s Digital World?

Updated: Feb 18

We have been all there, before creating an online account for any website or app, we were required to create a password for that certain website, and the most common password used to be "ourname123." The reason being it's easy to recall and there will be no chance of forgetting these passwords.

Hang on! Not only the simplicity of our password but we also using the same password for every website we log-in (including our bank accounts, online shopping, trading accounts, and whatnot) can lead to compromising with our account’s safety.

To site a surprising fact about passwords, around 70% of individuals do not use a unique password for each website they access.

Sounds horrific? In fact, a third of users share their passwords so that they can retrieve passwords if forgotten. As a result, close to 90% of all online passwords are vulnerable to hacking. This highlights the need for proper password management not just for individuals but also for companies from different sectors as well.

It is now quite easy to predict that we all are caught in a vicious cycle where we are bound to protect ourselves from malicious hackers by improvising our password hygiene, as there is no coming back.

However, you may feel how few alphabetical letters and numericaldetermine your security in the cyber world. Nevertheless, a password is indeed an integral aspect to secure your digital space.

Why use strong passwords?

Passwords are your fore front defence guards when it comes to cybersecurity. If your passwords are highly guessable, you might see yourself in trouble as there are many ways with which these malicious activists may get to access your online accounts. Nowadays, hacking has been so common that several latest reports highlight that hacking is being seen as more profitable industry than that of the global drug market.

Hence, setting a complex password for may help you in keeping your accounts secure against different cyber attacks. Strong passwords help in avoiding password spraying and phishing attacks. Moreover, a unique password can protect you from credential stuffing and keyboard logging.

Sometimes, setting and remembering unique passwords for each of your accounts may prove to be quite a difficult task. And, this problem is not limited to just individual users. In big as well as small-scale organizations, it is really a difficult task to juggle thousands of login credentials.

Moreover, repetitive use of the same password/s may prove to be a major security loophole, which might lead to a huge loss for a company if their data is hacked. Here, using a dependable password manager or credential manager can sum up this task pretty well.

Password Manager- A One-stop Solution to Save Your Accounts from Major Cyber Problems!

Byteseal’s password manager provides utmost security by setting difficult-to-crack passwords for your each account. Moreover, the password authentication device by Byteseal helps you add an extra layer of protection. All you need to do is remember your master password, which will allow you an access to all your official accounts.

So, let’s utilize today’s advanced and dependable password management technology to prevent unauthorized access to our accounts, and thereby to our personal digital space.

To know more on which product best suits your requirements, get in touch with Team Byteseal!!

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