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One password
that will set you free


With Byteseal Biometric ID

Byteseal Biometric ID is a card shaped device with a built-in fingerprint sensor. It allows you to securely login to your favorite websites and apps with just a tap of your finger.

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Works its way seamlessly into your life

You can download our web application for free from chrome web store

Create your profile

Instant and secure onboarding keeping your privacy in mind

Setup your Byteseal Biometric ID

Connect your Byteseal Biometric ID to your profile and enroll your fingerprints

Just tap and go

Add your passwords to your profile and you are ready to go. Login to your online accounts with just a tap of fingerprint

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Where intelligence meets elegance

World's most secure fingerprint sensor
250mAh rechargeable battery
AI based adaptive template learning and anti spoof technology
Lasts upto 30 days
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
For fast and secure wireless connectivity
Micro USB interface for charging
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One tap access to all your accounts

Login with just a tap of a finger to any website or app → The Byteseal biometric ID is all you need to login into your accounts, anytime, anywhere. It’s a smart, secure and super-easy way to store all your important passwords in a digital and compact safe.

Protection from cyber attacks

Biometrics are hard to hack → People and businesses will be able to reduce cyberattacks and enable unrivalled security for their users and clients.

Get your Byteseal Biometric ID today and lead a secure and worry free life

Business Solutions

Easy and secure password management for your business associates

Unlock workspace flexibility effortlessly with Byteseal. Hybrid organisations can now manage 100s of passwords smoothly without worrying  about human vulnerabilities causing cyber attacks. Secure your organisation’s passwords on your cloud or ours. Transform the way your office manages keylogging and password spraying with a smart yet simple solution.

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About Us

Funded by the Government of India for our ideas, we at Byteseal aim to make life simpler and safer for every individual. Our disruptive technologies are meant to replace the conventional method of managing passwords and deliver a fast and secure login experience using biometrics.

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