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Working from Home

Make your internet experience seamless and secure 

with Byteseal's secure fingerprint authentication

Are you still remembering your passwords or do you trust your browser to remember them for you?

Whatever the approach, your way of logging in puts you at risk. Did you know, that 30% of cyber-attacks happen because of weak passwords. That too, only 62.9% of online users change their passwords when prompted. Woah that’s a big number!

Not just another password manager

Byteseal Biometric ID is a technologically advanced AI-based device that holds your biometric identity securely. It’s a smart, secure and super-easy way to store all your important passwords in a digital and compact safe. It’s so mobile you can actually keep it in your wallets and pockets.  


Login in a simple way without compromising on security and remembering the passwords ever again. It’s the most secure fingerprint sensor that works wirelessly.


Why not use a Phone Biometric ID? Let’s find out why you shouldn’t! 

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