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Manage your business passwords, with convenience and security of biometrics

Weak/reused passwords, social engineering attacks and inefficient handling of passwords have caused businesses loss of $1.8Bn in year 2020.

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Byteseal is a biometric password management solution which allows you to store your organization’s important passwords in a secure vault and access them with convenience of biometrics.

Byteseal's solution comprises of a hardware biometric authenticator and a web application which together provide a convenient and secure password management experience


Byteseal Biometric ID

The biometric authenticator is a card-like compact and lightweight device with built-in fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth communication interface. Using the biometric authenticator, the users can simply use their fingerprints to login to different web applications without having to recall or manually type their login credentials. 

Byteseal Secure Vault

The web application provides the users with an intuitive interface to add, modify, delete or share their login credentials securely. In addition to this, users can also enroll and delete their fingerprints on the biometric authenticator through the web application

How it works?


Create profile and add credentials to your Byteseal vault


Link your biometric ID to your vault and register fingerprints


Login to all your online accounts with just a tap of your fingerprint

Ultimate security and privacy for your data

256 bit AES encryption for data storage

End to end encryption for application layer security

offline biometric template storage for overcoming risk of network breaches

Avoid open sharing of passwords

In spite of having strict password policies in place, some situations may force employees to share passwords with their colleagues in an insecure way such as through phone call or email. This might put entire organization's security at risk 

Practises such as writing down the passwords in a spreadsheet or on sticky notes may also result in the password leakage and can increase the possibility of data breaches due to stolen credentials 

With Byteseal, all such insecure and inefficient password management practises can be streamlined into a unified, simple and secure system which will strengthen the organization's security 

Stay protected from phishing, keylogging, credential stuffing and other social engineering attacks

Byteseal’s smart algorithms detect a phishing link by comparing it with the actual link of the web application that you are trying to access. This prevents the users from giving away the sensitive credentials to the hackers

Byteseal’s web application also provides an autofill utility which makes it convenient for the users to enter their credentials. This also means that users do not have to manually enter their credentials every time and thus the possibility of keylogging attacks is greatly reduced

As users do not have to remember their login credentials, stricter password policies can be practiced by businesses to prevent against credential stuffing attacks. 

Boost employee productivity by reducing number of password reset requests

A Gartner report has claimed that the cost incurred to a business for resetting a single password is approximately US$70. This cost includes the lost employee productivity and costs of having a helpdesk for handling the password reset requests. With Byteseal, the need of resetting passwords is rarely faced. Thus, businesses can save its corresponding costs. 

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