About Us



Aren’t you tired of living a life where every move you make is tracked by an alien person? The internet is a place where we all love to share a part of our life to entertain ourselves and the people around us. But what if we become the targets? Why is that we have to be the victim of others sins? These data breaches have now become common news in people’s life. 

But we at Byteseal believe that this shouldn’t be the way it is! 

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help people take control of their digital security but not at the cost of their liberty. We are on a mission to provide state of the art cybersecurity to individuals in order to safeguard themselves against malicious activists. We value your digital life in every aspect. 

Our Technology

Byteseal is a native and trusted credential Management platform which provides end to end password management solutions to their clients and users. We help users to store their login credentials in a safe, secure and encrypted manner by delivering dynamic solutions within a single authentication device.


Our disruptive technologies are meant to replace the conventional method of managing passwords and make it easy to deliver the customers fast and secure login experience with just a tap. People and businesses will now be finally able to reduce cyberattacks and enable unrivalled security for their users and clients.




Our Investors

Science and Technology Park,
Savitribai Phule Pune University

Under the schemes of

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India